Small Group Submission Form

Welcome Small Group Leaders and soon-to-be Small Group Leaders! As you're planning your small group, keep in mind the limited space to describe your amazing group on our online menu and handout. Here are a few tips to help:

1. Pick a name that's not too long, and clearly describes your group

2. Keep your description brief & precise. Focus on major things that you want people to know and why they should attend.

3. Get creative and ask for help if you need it! We are more than willing to brainstorm with you and help you get the ball rolling.

4. Have fun with it!

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If it is not on the approved list, it must be submitted as soon as possible for review and approval to Pastor Sheleah Fletcher
Before you submit this application, please take a moment to print a copy for your records. Your submission is complete when you see a thank you message. If you don't see it, check all fields above marked with a star, and then resubmit. Thank you so much for catching the vision for Small Groups, you will be hearing from us shortly!