Carrie Rucks
Marketing director


ABOUT Carrie

Carrie serves as Marketing Director at East Coast Believers Church. She is passionate about seeing others discover the amazing, life-changing freedom that Jesus desires for them. Carrie has been serving on the social media and creative teams and has worked in publishing, merchandising, and branding. She can also identify an upside down W. She is an awarded wife and mother, recognized for her hugs, mermaid princess drawings, and lasagna. Carrie holds a Bachelors in communications from John Brown University.

Fun Facts: 

• She met her husband at 17 while at Cornerstone - They didn’t begin dating until six years later
• She was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas
• Knows the proper way to call the Hogs, and can speak with a decent southern accent
• Loves coffee, lemon pastries, dark chocolate and photography
• She has 3 siblings, A mom who rides motorcycles and a dad that plays bass guitar